About me …

Born in 1997, I have been influenced by music all my life.
As there was music to be heard every day at my home, it has always been a part of me and singing has been one of my greatest passions as long as I can remember.
I grew up with a small home studio in my parents‘ house, because my father is a passionate musician, who also writes and records his own songs.
He gave me the chance to join him whenever I wanted to sing.
At the age of 15 I had my first small gigs, for example at weddings in our region. I loved to do cover songs, but then I started recording some original songs with the help of my father, which was quite a challenge for both of us.
At the age of 19, I finally finished school and devoted my time to writing and recording some more original songs for my first album.

The album ‚Traces‘ will be released on September 22nd.

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